Lately I’m hard at work with all the drudgery of re building my music business around the new way of doing things. Building sales funnels, building following on social media, etc. It’s mostly about creating habits. The habit of posting, the habit of engaging with people, etc etc.

It’s been 2.75 years since I had my double lung transplant and that may seem like a long time, but really I’m still re-arranging the life that was basically over 3 years ago. Some of it’s the same stuff, some of it’s vastly different.

Although I’m outwardly a performer and musician, my days lately mostly consist of sitting in front of a computer like anyone else. But I do still practice, I sing in a choir called Soli Musica because I thought that would be a growth exercise (it is), and my next record is in mastering as of yesterday.

I’m also back to being an athlete and martial artist, and I struggle daily to balance training and music biz work. If I could, I’d just be a pro athlete. :) I’ll be running the 100 meters in the Transplant Games Of America in June in Cleveland, and I play ice hockey in our beer league.

My girlfriend plays hockey now too! We spend plenty of time at the rink either practicing or watching each other’s games. We also spend a lot of time on her couch watching movies and TV. I used to be opposed to this kind of thing (TV and vegging), but it’s some of my favorite time, just relaxing with her. Last night we caught an episode of Better Call Saul that I was an extra in. I didn’t remember I’d done that show and suddenly there I was, right behind the scene! NICE!

So, yeah. Doing stuff. Check back whenever you want. Ping me if you think I should update this. I’ll probably forget about it.

This page has no hyperlinks or sales pitches. It’s just an insider view of what’s up right now. If you’ve found it, here I am, man.

Email me at aarontrumm @ nquit . com if you want to talk.